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How to add a new store

How to add a new store

“Al Badr Program for Sales” is the best sales program for stores, cashier and points of sales. It helps you to add more than one store to the program, to add products at different stores, to search for items in separated stores and to give you alerts for the lacking items and those which reach the minimum limit.

To add a new store:
1- Choose “products” from the side menu.
2- Chose “stores”.
3- There is a menu of all recorded stores appears on the database.
4- Click on “add a new store” to add a new one.

كيفية اضافة مخزن جديد | برنامج البدر للمبيعات

How to add a new store|Al Badr Program for Sales

“Al Badr Smart Systems” company:

“Al Badr Smart Systems” company tried to find new solutions throughwebsite development for traders from the inside of their sales system with no need to create a separated website to publish their products on it and reach the largest number of customers in addition to linking this website to an application where customers can surf these products, know their details and make a purchasing order through the application and the website. The order will directly reach the trader who is subscribed in Al Badr sales system and consequently, he will issue a purchasing invoice for the order directly once he confirmed it.

The presented website of “Al Badr Smart Systems”:

  • It helps you to increase your sales through reaching different segments of customers:
  • This is by technology that is used by customers as websites and phone applications with Al Badr sales system, it enables you to display all invoices, purchases orders that are done through the store or online.
    To increase your sales, you need detailed reports for the most sold items so that you can focus on them and link them to the customers’ need in the future. Our program offers you a group of reports that present information about your sales in a period.

  • Choosing a design for your website:
  • You can choose one of the available designs for your website or order a new one that’s linked to the system with the qualities you desire. You can also have a phone application named after your activity for your customers which will be published on “Google Store” or on “App Store” to make your activity distinctive.

    “Al Badr Smart Systems” has designed smart phone applications and makes sure that the website and the application is linked to your account in “Al Badr Program for Sales” where you can add products for sale or offers on the online store and you will get a website with your name and a special link for you that has a logo of your institution in addition to an application with your logo and for your products so that all your products will be available for your customers from anywhere at any time with “Al Badr Program for Sales”.

    To make the best use of the website for marketing and the phone application of “Al Badr Program for Sales”, all what you need to do is to publish the link of your website on social media and to your customers for making it reach the largest segment of new customers.

You can see more features of “Al Badr Program for Sales” through creating a trial account…