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How to fix the paper roll of the bar-code scales “Rongta” with Al Badr Point of Sales software “pos”?

A practical explanation for how to fix the paper roll in the barcode scales. An explanation on "Rongta" barcode scales.The famous "Rongta" barcode scale has a lot of features which makes it so distinctive more than the others, not only in the Egyptian markets but all over the world markets also as it's characterized by having a barcode printer and a clear strong illuminative screen in addition to being a high quality product.

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Set bar-code printer ” zebra LP 2824PLUS” from Al Badr point of sales software “pos”

Printing the barcode and the tickets on the items are one of the important things for stores and supermarkets to facilitate processes of selling items, so we care about ensuring the barcode and tickets printing in the program to enable you to print barcodes for items which don't have ones.

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How to improve the browser printing settings in “Al Badr point of sales software POS”

Printing the invoices is one important feature of "Al Badr Program for Sales" where you can print the invoices of your deals and give the customers an image of them, the invoices printing process depends on the browser you use as "Firefox" or "Google Chrome", so to improve the printing quality, you must adjust the settings of the browser so that the printing will appear with the required sizes such as margins or the date printing settings at the browser.

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How to pay through PayPal from “Al Badr point of sales software POS”

You can do this process to upgrade the plan of "Al Badr Program for Sales" by paying through "PayPal" so that you can enjoy all the features of the new package you have chosen.

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How to download and install Wampserver with “Al Badr point of sales software POS”

It's a group of programs which enables you to install a web server and MySQL database on your device, this enables you to install testing websites and scripts for checking them and fix the defects before uploading them to the internet, it also helps in designing and programming the different websites.

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