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An official email

An official email

One service which is presented by “Al Badr Smart Systems”to its customers as traders and business owners is the service of “the official mail” which aims to serve their trade and help them in managing their business. The feature of official email is a very important feature for building a trade mark, showing credibility and professionalism in addition to keeping the identity of your institution, so it’s very important for the owners of business activities and institutions to get an official email with the name of their institution to communicate with customers through it.


officia e mail

The importance of getting an official email:

What is the name of the official email?

It’s the name of your institution in English such as info@businessname.com

What’s the difference between the official email and the free one?

What’s the storage capacity of the email?

Its capacity is ten Giga byte.

Can any other one see my sent messages or my inbox of my official email?

No one except you can see these messages unless he has the password of this official email. However, the company seeks to keep the data and privacy secrecy for its customers.

What’s the cost of the official email?

It costs 33$ a year including the domain of the email.

Is it possible to add another email with the name of the institution?

Yes, of course it’s possible to add another email on the same domain in return for additional 3$.