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Short messages service (SMS)

The importance of marketing using Short messages service SMS:

Advertising campaigns using SMS are characterized by their low cost comparing with the common advertising means.

One important feature of the propagandizing using SMS is that it has a wide base where every person has a mobile phone if not more than one which makes the targeting is widely done.

You can by using SMS in marketing target a certain section of customers or a certain segment of people or even a geographical region that is set at the age or those who care about your business.

A lot of customers can turn the phone internet off which makes SMS system is better to give alerts and notifications to your customers about the offers and products.

NOW with Al Badr Program for Sales….
You can send promotional messages or electronic newsletters to all your customers via SMS from the smart phone, you can carry out advertising campaigns using SMS, you can send price offers and discounts to all your customers via SMS of mobile easily and with low cost.