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“Al Badr Smart Systems” company has an obligation to protect your privacy, your personal information and your rights. This privacy policy shows you all what you need to know to ensure your rights and dealings with us.

Al Badr Program for Daily Salesis not sold but licensed and this includes any improvements, modifications, enhancements, reforms, updates, upgrading and future versions whether it’s free or paid for “Al Badr Smart Systems” company.

Accepting terms:

You must accept these terms for using the program on the internet. If you click on “accept” button or agree on them, we will regard you accepting on these terms. These Terms shall remain in force from the date of acceptance until terminated by you or the Company.

Changes of terms:

We may change some of these terms from time to time, and we will publish these changes on our website for our customers to review. So please, revise these terms regularly because it’s known that your acceptance or continued use to our services on the internet after publishing these changes will be considered as your approval on these changes. If you don’t accept these changes. You can simply terminate your dealing with our company.

Licensing and proprietary rights:

You aren’t allowed to do or accept some of these behaviors:

Your obligations:

Terminating your dealing with “Al Badr Smart Systems” company:

Privacy policy and Terms of use

We appreciate your fears and concern about your data privacy on the internet.


We didn’t set up this website for gathering your personal data from your PC during your browsing to this website, but we only use data which you presented knowingly and willingly.

IP address:

At any time you will visit any website including ours, the host server will save your IP, the date of this visit, the type of your internet browser and the “URL” address of any websites that lead you to this website on the web.

Scanning process on the web:

The scanning process which we do on the web enables us to gather certain data as the required data from you about your vision and feelings towards our website. Your replies are very important to us and have our appreciation because they enable us to improve our website level, and you have the complete freedom and choice to provide us with data of your name and the other data.

Links of other websites on the internet:

Our website may include links with other websites on the internet or advertisements from other websites as
“Google AdSense”and we aren’t responsible for the ways of gathering data done by these websites. You can have a look on the privacy policies in these websites in which you log through any links in this website.

We may be assisted by advertising companies of third parties to show some advertisements when you visit our website. These companies have the full right to use information about your visit to this website and the other websites (except your name, e-mail address and phone number) for showing advertisements about goods and service that you care about. If you want more information about this issue or to know the available options for you to prevent using this information by the companies, please click here.

Revealing information:

We will keep your personal and private data safe all the times. We won’t reveal this information unless it was required under the authority of the law or when you think that this procedure will be required to keep abreast with the law or to defend the Property rights for this site and the beneficiaries of it.

The necessary data for carrying out transactions of you:

When we need any of your own data, we will ask you to give them willingly. This data will help us to contact you and carry out your requests as it is possible. We will never sell your data to a third party for his own benefit without taking your written and preceding permission except for the statistical purposes and researches without including any data that can identify you.

While contacting us:
We will deal with your own data as confidential. The models which you present directly on the web require presenting data which will help in improving our website. Your presented data will be used to reply on all your inquiries, your notes and your requests from this website or any other websites.

Revealing data to a third party:

We will never reveal your own data to a third party for his own benefit, but we will do if there are any judicial or executive orders.

Modifications on confidential and privacy policy:

We have the full right to modify the terms and conditions of the confidentiality and privacy of information policy if we see the necessity for that, we will carry out these main modifications here or on the main page of privacy policy, and we will inform you about the data we get and how we use it and those who we will provide with your data continuously.

Contact us:

You can contact us if there are any inquiries by clicking on the “contact us” link or by e-mailing us on info@badrsystems.com


Your fears and care about the privacy of your own data are considered a very important issue for us, so we hope to succeed in going that by this policy.