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Al Badr point of sales software POS for maintenance centers

Al Badr point of sales software POS for maintenance centers is a program to serve you and manage your business, follow up your stock of items and spare parts, registration of these spare parts by serial numbers, follow up your customers after maintenance processes, follow up the efficiency of engineers who are doing this maintenance by having invoices, printing the invoices of maintenance processes, carrying out inventory for the stores easily, price offers and follow up the daily profits each period of time.

Al Badr point of sales software "pos" for maintenance centers

Al Badr point of sales software POS for maintenance centers

Why should I get Al Badr point of sales software POS for maintenance centers?


  • You can set up a page for each customer to register his maintenance processes data.
  • A full record of customers’ data. This data is about every customers, the devices that is wanted to be fixed, the date of the maintenance process and the spare parts used in the maintenance process.
  • Registering the paid amount of each customer and what amount remains on him for the maintenance cost.
  • You can insert the data of unlimited number of customers.

Management of your stock:

  • Within Al Badr point of sales software POS for maintenance centers, you can follow up your stock of products and spare parts.
  • You can carry out an inventory using the bar-code so easily.
  • It’s so easy to reach any warehouse and know the actual quantity of any items or spare parts.
  • If one product reaches its minimum limit at your store, the program will alert you of that to make a new purchasing order of this item.
  • Linking the employee to the warehouse to know the available and lacking products automatically.
  • Adding a picture for each product at the store which will appear during the sale process.
  • Get several reports about the processes of inventory processes so easily.

Specifying the permissions for your employees:

  • Within Al Badr point of sales software POS for maintenance centers, You can add employees to your program to help you manage your maintenance center.
  • Specifying different permissions for each user according to his job nature in the center.
  • You can follow up your users’ performance during work from anywhere.

You can find any spare part at your store by using the bar-code reader:

    • Within Al Badr point of sales software POS for maintenance centers, You can set up a bar-code for the products and spare parts inside the warehouse easily.
  • Find any spare part, inquire about it or print it in the invoices of sales and purchases processes by using the bar-code reader.
  • You can assign the warranty duration of each product.

Purchases and sales:

  • Within Al Badr point of sales software POS for maintenance centers, You have the ability to register your purchasing data as items and spare parts.
  • Registration of sales data of the products in the maintenance center.
  • Registration of the suppliers’ data and following up all their accounts and payments’ dates.
  • Registration the payments for each suppliers and all his financial receivables.
  • Registration of the returns data of the items and assigning the warranty duration of these items and spare parts.
  • Calculating the sales and profits for each period.
  • Issuing invoices that show the daily, monthly and annual sales processes.

The program supports different ways of payment:

    • Al Badr point of sales software POS for maintenance centers supports the systems of installment and paying the debts in credit system.
  • You can sell by the wholesale system or by the retail system.

The invoices:

  • Printing the invoices for customers and suppliers easily.
  • The possibility of choosing from several templates a suitable design for your invoice shape and size.
  • Revising the old invoices of customers and suppliers easily.
  • You can add any discounts on the items and spare parts and also on invoices.
  • You can add the sales tax or any other tax you want.

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Detailed reports:

  • Comprehensive reports of maintenance center without errors.
  • Reports for customers.
  • Reports for items and spare parts.
  • Reports for profits and losses.
  • Reports for sales and purchases.
  • Reports for returns and treasury.
  • Reports for employees.
  • Reports of inventory for the center and warehouses.
  • Reports for the average of sales price.
  • Reports for the daily sales and assigning the net profit of each invoice.

It’s an easy sales program:

    • Al Badr point of sales software POS for maintenance centers supports Arabic, English and another five languages.
  • The program is easy to use and can run on all devices (computer – laptop – mobile – tablet…).
  • The program has an easy and distinctive interface, so you will not need any training or specialists for the program.
  • You can adjust the program colors with what suits your trading identity.
  • The program is compatible with all the versions of Windows, Linux and Apples, besides it supports different kind of screens.
  • The program supports the different kinds of printers.
  • An economical prices policy which suits different kinds of project.

The program settings:

  • You can adjust the settings of Al Badr point of sales software POS for maintenance centers according to the business type of each company.
  • You can set the users’ settings and specify permissions according to the nature of each employee’s job.
  • Showing and hiding the lists to suit your maintenance center.

Keeping safety and privacy:

  • You can make a backup copy for your database in addition to assigning the period each which you prefer to make a backup copy of database and the program will save it on the Cloud safely. It takes only few seconds to make the backup copy in a separated file saved in a separated folder assigned for these backup copies, you can restore these copies at any time.
  • All your data, invoices and files of the program are kept in full confidentially and it’s impossible for anyone or customers to see any of these invoices or price offers except those whom these invoices and price offers are issued for.
  • A full protecting from manipulating with stores, expenses and revenues.
  • Making a backup copies of the database which makes the program safer.

Continuous updates for ever:
We provide you with continuous updates for the program periodically which makes it easy for all users to save time and efforts because they can have these updates in their places.

Technical support:

  • There is a ready technical support team to answer your inquiries all the time through (telephone – instant chat – What’s app – email – remote communication).
  • Our technical support team is integrated and has one mission which is to serve our customers, give them solutions and fulfill their requests.

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