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Our dear customers

Our dear customers



.Thanks to God, our program has the admiration of many store owners due to its easy usage

For example not for limitation

 .(…..Milano store series for shoes and bags ( Tanta , El-Mahala , Alexandria

 .(….Seven Eleven store series for shoes and bags ( El-Mahala , Mansoura , Alexandria

.Al-Rehab company store for Furnishings

.Convert for clothes

.Khalijna wahed store series for devices and accessories in Saudi Arabia

.And many others, we hope to always have your appreciation 


The most important thing to help you increase your sales is to know the behavior of your customers in the purchase process and the most important products they purchase to provide them permanently and the way to increase their purchases in the Badr Sales program we are working on new reports to help you understand the behavior of the purchase of customers through the analysis of purchases Customers to accurately market products with high professionalism.

Customer Procurement Analysis Report One report shows you the following:

A. Best-selling items 

What are the most sold items through the number of invoices that have been purchased? This is important to know the most important items that demand on a permanent basis and must be available to customers

(B) the items most closely related to the best-selling items;

To know the link between items in the purchase process and the customer’s behavior in the request, with the knowledge of the best-selling items, the report presents the most requested items with this category

This information helps you to:

* – Arrange the display in the shop better, providing these items side by side in your area for easy access to the client because he always ask them together without asking much

* – Obtain customer satisfaction easier, so when he finds the availability of what is always bought side by side without the trouble of searching be satisfied with the service is better sure

* – Promotion of other products When you know the best products and requests can be placed new products or products less popular next to them to facilitate the presentation of the largest number of customers and increase the opportunity to experience customers for new products

* – Offers to customers can know what products can be collected in one offer and prefer the customer to buy

C-filter search by offering more products to a specific customer or customer

It helps you analyze the behavior of a specific customer and you know the preferences of each customer and make special offers to your customers based on their knowledge of their purchases and desires

There are many uses of this information explained in a practical model for the user to use this information in increasing the sales of a product through a complex presentation 

For example, if you have an item to open the skin, but demand it a little and through the analysis of customer purchases that the products most requested together shampoo and toothpaste and repeat together on many invoices can be displayed on 3 items together (shampoo + toothpaste + skin whitening) We find what many people are asking together in a single show that he wants to get together

Our dear customers


Knowing the customer’s behavior and desires will help you easily develop a strategy to market your products better and faster

This report is useful for all commercial activities and shops, for example (supermarkets – selling medicines -restaurants – electronics – accessories – clothing – shoes and bags – cosmetics – sports equipment –

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