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Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Is the program suitable for managing one kind of stores as restaurants and supermarkets only?
      The program is suitable for a lot of stores and institutions such as (restaurants – supermarkets – mobile stores – accessories stores – household appliance stores and all business activities that depend on selling and purchasing by invoices).


      1. How can you calculate profits and gains?
        Profits calculating can be done by the difference between the selling and buying price to get the total profit while the net profits can be calculated by subtracting the institution expenses from the total profits.


      1. Can we register the expenses of the institution in the program?
        Any terms of expenses can be defined through the program such as rent, cleaning, labor, etc. you can easily register all expenses terms and all expenses of the institution, then you can get reports for these expenses for a certain item of expenses or for a certain period.


      1. How can you renew your subscription for the online version?
        1-By paying in the company center or to our agents.
        2-Paying by Visa by using “PayPal” the money transaction and payment system.
        3-Paying through a banking transaction.


      1. Does the program apply the taxes system?
        There is an applying for the taxes system on invoices according to the system that is assigned by the institution manager or the common system of the country in which the program be used. You can do this via settings, then activate the additions on the invoices to apply adding taxes on invoices.


      1. Can we add a fixed text on the invoice?
        Yes, we can add any fixed text on the invoice in the upper part or the lower one as the institution address, the tax number or alerting customers about the store policy.


      1. Does the program run on web only or be set up without internet?
        Al Badr program for sales
        is designed with the web technique that can be run on the servers of our company to make the best use of the features and techniques of web, you can follow up your business from anywhere, and you can set it up on any devices without depending on the internet through a local server.


      1. How to activate the off-line version and get your license?
        On installing the off-line version on any devices, these devices must have license by which the program will be activated from the inside of installation page or calling customers services to get the activation code.


      1. What are the used database and does it need to purchase another license from another companies?
        The used database is MySQL which is supported from Oracle and it’s a free open source. You don’t need to buy another license for it as this database server is free to use.


      1. Is there a cost for every user or a rent for the off-line version?
        The cost of the off-line version is paid one time forever for only one device. This device has a license for the program on installing it for the first time with a free technical support via the internet for a year. You can renew your annually subscription of technical support if you wish to have it on-line or to get the latest updates of the program.


      1. Does the off-line version send all data to another server?
        No, it doesn’t. It sends all data to the personal device of the customer on which it’s installed.


      1. Who has access authorities to the database?
        In the on-line version:All data is protected by usage conditions and law, no one is allowed to access to this database or has a look unless he has a Warrant.
        In the off-line version:All data is kept on the database that is existed on the customer’s server and he is the only responsible one for accessing to it.


      1. What are the needed requirements to run the program online and offline?
        Operating requirements of the online version:
        A computer device that has a modern web browser (Chrome or Firefox).
        It can be run on any operating systems as (Windows – Linux – Apple).
        It’s recommended that Ram isn’t less than 2 Giga and the processor is core i3.
        Operating requirements of the off-line version: A computer device that has a modern web browser (Chrome or Firefox).
        It can be run on any operating systems as (Windows – Linux – Apple).
        It’s recommended that Ram isn’t less than 4 Giga and the processor is core i3.
        The operating system allow to make the latest editions of php7.
        The operating system (Windows) is recommended to be Windows 10 or the latest update of Windows 7.


      1. How to train to use the program?You can have a training course to use the program by contacting with the customer service on-line or by visiting the company headquarters or one of our agents.
        There are also some videos and explanations of the program on our official website with a free trial.


      1. How many devices that can use the program off-line without internet?
        The program can be installed on a main server device and the program can be used for any number of devices that are linked with this main server.


      1. How many stores are available on this program?
        The program offers one store for the customer and you can have more stores by promoting to higher plans.


      1. What is the cost of updating the program?
        The subscribers of the on-line version get these updates free during their subscription period.
        The subscribers of the off-line version get these updates free for the first year and after this year, it’s free only for the online technical support subscribers.


      1. What is the accounting system that is used in the program?
        The accounting system of the program is very simple to be clear and easy to use. It registers the invoices of sales and purchases in addition to registering their own data as selling price, the last purchasing price and the sale time to calculate profits and loses.


      1. When is the products quantity decreased on registering an invoice?
        The products quantity is decreased if the stored products allow that because each product has a quantity not a service, but if you add this product as a service such as (delivery or cleaning) and it’s assigned as a service, there will not be any decreasing of the stock on adding it to the invoice.


      1. Is it available to print a barcode that has the name and price of the product?
        Yes, of course. The printing of the barcode with the product’s name, price, description and the institution’s logo is available by setting the barcode from “settings”.
        For more details about barcode, visit our website https://www.AlBadrSales.com/ar then go to items and products, and then to ticket printing.


      1. How to change the design of the invoice?
        Go to “settings”, then to “program settings”, then to “invoice model”.


      1. How to assign the printing size of the bar-code and printer?
        By calculating the size of the printer ticket in millimeters.


      1. How to reset the cash box at the end of the day?
        Resetting the cash box is done by setting another safe and transfer cash into it through going to “settings” – “safes” – “add a new safe”, then you can make the transaction at the end of the day.


      1. Is it available in the program to send daily reports by emails?
        No, it isn’t available but instead, you can download the reports on an excel sheet, then you can send them by email.


      1. How can you add another quantities of the product?
        By adding a purchasing invoice or by editing the product and adding another quantity.


      1. What is meant by “product’s service”? And what is the usage of this feature?
        “Product’s service” means that you can sell any product as a service with other products as the service of (delivery – maintenance). This feature enables you to sell the product even it isn’t available in the store.


      1. Are there updates and technical support for the off-line service? Are they a paid service?
        The off-line version has a free technical support for a year, you can order updates during your subscription period in the technical support.


      1. How to approximate the amount?
        You can approximate the amount by going to “settings” the to “program settings” then to “decimal rounding of prices” or “the decimal rounding of quantities”.


      1. How to issue an invoice and add a price to it?
        Go to “sales” then to “point of sale” then choose “customers” then choose “product” and the price will appear automatically. Users can edit the price if they have authorities to do that.


      1. How to add a sales price via a purchasing invoice?
        It’s impossible to add a purchasing price through purchases invoice but you can edit the sales price by going to “products” then to “edit product” then to “edit price”..


      1. Does the program assign customers on maps by GPS”?
        No it doesn’t. It’s impossible to assign customers on maps by GPS unless by using a special application.


      1. What is the followed way of inventory in the program?There are two ways to make inventory:
        1-An inventory report by quantities.
        2-An inventory report by quantities and prices.


      1. Are there cards for suppliers and client cards for customers?
        Yes. There are cards for suppliers and customers that contain balance sheets for each of them through going to “purchases” then to “suppliers” then click on the supplier’s name. and through going to “customers” then to “customers” then click on the customer’s name.


      1. How to suggest a modification for the program?
        By sending an email to our website or calling us on

        •Tel: 0402970833
        •(what’s): 01061660342
        •(what’s): 01146227557.

        Then, our technical support team will follow up your request.


      1. What’s the difference between the first stock quantity and the current stock quantity in the product’s card?
        The first stock quantity is the added quantity on adding a product.
        The current stock quantity is the actual quantity after selling and buying this product.


      1. What are the methods of adding a customer?
        You can add a new customer by going to “customers” then “add a new customer”.


      1. How to delete a category that you have identified before in the product card or in the stock options?
        Go to “products” then to “category” then delete the category but first, you must make sure that there aren’t any products that are categorized by this category.


      1. How to add more than one barcode to the product?
        By going to “products” then “edit product” then add a barcode or more.


      1. How to extend and activate my account in case of deactivating it?
        By sending the supporting code, then transferring the cash money.
        By renewing your subscription by Visa payment, bank transaction or contacting with sales representative.


      1. Are the cash receipt or a Payment voucher able to be cancelled or modified?
        The cash receipt or a Payment voucher can’t be edited or cancelled but you can reverse the process, this means that if you register a Payment voucher from a customer and you want to cancel it, you have to register a cash receipt for the same customer with the same amount.


      1. Do you have agents or branches in my country?
        Yes. We have agents in Saudi Arabia, Emirates and soon in other countries.


      1. What does the main version include? And what does the subscription price or the main price of the program include?
        You can have a look on the prices plans on our website and see the differences between these plans..


      1. If you have a company with multi-branches, what is the best way to control these branches?
        Al Badr program for sales supports the on-line version which enables you to have a main copy of the program for the company with many users for these branches. The main copy enables you to follow up all the activities of these branches.


      1. How can we choose a certain store in the invoice knowing that these stores don’t appear in the invoice?
        We can change the sales store through the users’ authorities by changing the selling store.


      1. Is it impossible to edit the program or design a special program?
        Yes, it is impossible by calling the technical support and discussing the customer’s requests
        For Regitration


      1. How can we make a Credit sale invoice?
        By going to “sales” then to “point of sale” then choose the payment method whether it is cash or a credit sale.


    1. Can a cash receipt or a Payment voucher be set as soon as issuing a cash invoice?
      It’s possible to register the paid cash on registering the invoice automatically and it is calculated inside the invoice.