Our Price Offers

Our Prices ( Inside Egypt Only )

the prices of badr for daily sales inside egypt

Our Prices ( Inside Egypt Only )

The on-line version :

This version is used over the web with a monthly subscription. First month is for FREE

The subscription per month is 90 L.E

The subscription per 3 months is 264 L.E instead of 270 L.E with a 2% discount.

The subscription per 6 months is 510 L.E instead of 540 L.E with a 5% discount.

The subscription per year is 972 L.E instead of 1080 L.E with a 10% discount.

 The off-line version :

A complete copy to be set up on any kind of Computer with no need to be online.

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Payment Methods :

First : using “Visa” on Pay Pal  site inside our system.

Second : paying through one of our agents or distributors.

Third : paying through a banking transaction or via the Egyptian post.

Fourth : paying via Vodafone Cash or Etisalat.


here are many uses of this information explained in a practical model for the user to use this information in increasing the sales of a product through a complex presentation 

For example, if you have an item to open the skin, but demand it a little and through the analysis of customer purchases that the products most requested together shampoo and toothpaste and repeat together on many invoices can be displayed on 3 items together (shampoo + toothpaste + skin whitening) We find what many people are asking together in a single show that he wants to get together

 the prices of badr for daily sales inside egypt

Knowing the customer’s behavior and desires will help you easily develop a strategy to market your products better and faster

This report is useful for all commercial activities and shops, for example (supermarkets – selling medicines – restaurants – electronics – accessories – clothing – shoes and bags – cosmetics – sports equipment –

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