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Al Badr point of sales software POS for pos sales assistant (Cashier)

The cashier is the in charge employee for registering sales invoices and collecting money from customers. "Al Badr Program for Sales" helps the cashier to register by using the barcode easily or by choosing from the products list as soon as he types the first litters of this product, all the corresponding products to this name will appear. Thus, he can choose the desired product, register its total payment value and the change, then it's added to the customer's account.

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Invoices search restrictions updating in “Al Badr point of Sales software POS”

We have added some developed search restrictions on the invoices at the searching page of "Al Badr Program for Sales" so that no user, representative or distributer can search for any invoices without a permission given to him via permissions of users.

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product processes reports updates in a period in “Al Badr point of sales software POS”

It's the updating of the reports of product's processes in a certain period, adding the totals at the end of the report, adding the total sold quantities in addition to the sale amount and adding the total purchasing quantities in addition to purchasing amount.

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The new business plan update in “Al Badr point of sales software POS”

Now… for all the customers of "Al Badr Program for Sales", we have provided our customers with a new business plan which aims to serve your business and activity in addition to marketing your products. "Al Badr Smart Systems" company aims to serve its customers by offering services that facilitate their business and increase their activity. Hence, a new system has been put to provide those customers with all the new features of the program in addition to offering new services that are available in "Al Badr Program for Sales" only and for the first time ever.

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Al Badr POS version 3.5 Updates from”Al Badr point of sales software POS”

Some of the most new important features of the version 3.5 of "Al Badr Program for Sales" are the possibility of registering purchases cash or in credit in addition to registering the purchasing invoices of returns from suppliers in the system of cash or credit.

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